Love Sick with Millie Sykes

Name: Millie Sykes
Age: 22
Star sign: Virgo
IG alias: @milliesykess

LH: Millie, thank you for being our first blog post! We’re super stocked to interview you. How did you find the shoot?

MS: Playing dress ups with a suitcase full of L&H clothes is literally the stuff my wet dreams are made of. It was glorious.

LH: Your style is really distinctive, what is it about the things you collect that draw you to them?

MS: I love finding pieces that tell a story. Nearly 90% of my wardrobe has been thrifted, and I think there’s something really special in working a pre-loved look.

I love to imagine all the goddesses that had rocked it prior to it falling into my lucky little hands.

LH: What’s your fav piece from your wardrobe & ours that we shot you in today?

MS: I’m in a very committed, very loving relationship with my sparkly Y.R.U boots. They bring me so much joy.

And fave L&H piece is hard! I adore them all. XO dress is especially LUSH.

LH: Does ethical fashion come into mind when purchasing from designer or when you’re not shopping vintage?

MS: It definitely comes to mind, but I think I could do more on a personal level when it comes to back checking the brands I buy.

If I adore something I’ll often hit ‘buy’ without thinking twice about where it came from. I think this is something everybody needs to become more aware of.

LH: What’s your thoughts on big companies being held accountable for fast fashion?

MS: Absolutely necessary. At the moment companies like H&M are preaching female empowerment while

their workers are being routinely fired from their jobs during pregnancy.

This kind of stuff is not okay. We’ve got to keep calling it out.

LH: What do you think we can do as consumers to change this attitude?

MS: I think visibility of these issues is super important. If you read something that shocks you, share it on.

The more we educate ourselves the more we can begin to enact change.


LH: So we were talking about your new project creatively directing a 5 part photo piece that centres around

female pleasure & fantasies, can you tell us more about that?

MS: Yes! So excited for this one. Myself and photographer Fi Noble will be chatting to 5 girls about their fantasies,

re-creating those fantasies in an in-studio semi-nude shoot and then accompanying the images with an interview about

female sexuality and the current state of the porn industry in general.

LH: What attracted you to work on this project?

MS: This year has been a pretty big one for me in terms of exploring my own sexual identity. I’ve always really

enjoyed sex but it’s taken me some time to figure out how to a) truly love myself and b) discover what I love in bed & then vocalise that in the bedroom.

A great many of my past sexual encounters have ended with a guy blowing his load and wrapping things up.

And for a long time I thought that’s what sex was.

This year that changed for me and the more liberated I felt the more I wanted turn that energy into something.

I also think the depiction of female-identified pleasure in the porn industry is heavily misguided,

so I wanted to create something that challenged these portrayals.

LH: What do you think other women will gain from your project and what conversation to hope to have with your audience?

MS: Ultimately, this project is about reclaiming our right to define female-identified sexuality, which has all too often been defined for us by dominant media, porn, social norms and a whole host of external forces. As women, we’re constantly being fed a narrative on how to best orchestrate our sexuality (not too prudish, not too slutty), and we’ve internalised these messages from a pretty young age. Through this project we hope to open a dialogue on the limitless options for female-identified sexual exploration, one that says it’s okay to talk about our needs and wants, to discuss and seek out experiences. More and more, women are starting to reclaim agency over their own bodies, and this has been hugely inspiring for us.

LH:  How do you feel about pubic/body hair in general? Do you think showcasing this in your project will also create another dialogue with women about being comfortable?

MS: I love the fuzz! And find it rather fascinating how we’ve all been duped into thinking it’s undesirable. When hem lines started rising razor companies saw the opportunity to target a whole new market & capitalism wins again! That being said, body modification has always been a huge part of the human experience and a lot of gals love the way their sleek legs and pits feel. To that I say, go you girls. I think it’s all about what feels best for you and your body. Power to all women, however they choose to present themselves.

LH: What does it mean to you to have body hair, be body positive & openly sexual?

MS: It’s been a journey for sure. I guess it means I’m no longer afraid or ashamed of my body. I’ve stopped telling myself i’m not enough and started telling myself I am everything and more. It means my actions are no longer guided by the belief that in order to gain the respect from others I must be modest. Being kind to yourself is never easy, but it’s so important.

LH:  Do you think these conversations are necessary to have about female sexuality?

MS: Absolutely. Having open & honest conversations about sex has long been taboo in wider society and yet we’re bombarded with tits, ass and abs on a daily basis. This sends a super mixed message to both females and males. Let’s talk (realistically) about sex, baby!

LH: Where do you hope your project will go & how do you think it will help other women out there that aren’t as confident about being openly sexual?

MS: I’d love for this project to do the rounds online. Social media has has been immensely influential in educating myself on female-centric topics and it would be incredible if this project were to have the same effect. If we can show women their sexuality should not have to meet certain expectations or stereotypes and empower them to continue creating their own dialogue, then we’ll have done our job.

LH: Where can we keep an eye on you & follow what you’re doing?

MS: Gram! (Ofc) My tag is @milliesykess. I also run my own blog which you can suss at —>

LH: Thank you so much for today, you’re an absolute dream to hang out with. We’re so excited to see what else you come up with!!


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